Everything in moderation

“Everything in moderation. Nothing in excess.”

scales– Socrates

I’ve learned that it’s fine for me to indulge in my guilty pleasures: chocolate, silly television programs, pizza and cold beer, sleeping late, or a hundred other fun and enjoyable experiences. I also spend a lot of time on more serious pursuits: working, studying, exercising and a myriad of other worthwhile efforts.

I’ve learned, though, not to overdo any of them.

As a youth, I indeed overindulged. I’d spend hours doing some fun activity over and over, or I’d work ridiculously long hours, including weekends, not taking off any time.

Eventually, I became aware of this imbalance – I still feel uncentered when straying into excess – and developed the self-control to correct it. To this day, I definitely feel happier and healthier with a more balanced approach to life experiences.

Most of us overindulge at some point. The key is to learn to recognize it, not overdo it too often, and adjust to find a degree of moderation.


Published by robertpeek

I live in Jacksonville, Florida and enjoy my work as a marketing and public relations professional.

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