Dying children teach us about living


 “If the people we love are stolen from us, the way to have them live on is to never stop loving them.”

— James O’Barr

Sometimes I read a news story that puts life’s trivial troubles into humble perspective.


Case in point: I read a story once of 9-year-old Jayla Cooper, who was weeks away from dying of leukemia in Dallas when she told her parents her last wish. She wanted to marry her 7-year-old friend, Jose Griggs, who himself was battling a more curable form of leukemia. They were receiving medical treatment at the same hospital.


The ceremony, of course, was non-binding, with no paperwork, but 150 guests attended the event. Jayla died a few weeks later.


I think about such children and feel for their parents. I also don’t worry so much now that I haven’t trimmed the bushes in front of the house, or about that “big project” at work, or that someone cut me off in traffic.


I am reminded about the fragility of life, hug my own daughter every time I see her and appreciate my incredible good fortune to worry about the silly things I sometimes do.



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I live in Jacksonville, Florida and enjoy my work as a marketing and public relations professional.

3 thoughts on “Dying children teach us about living

  1. You are so right! We fiercely hold on to all of our family everyday. Because of your reminder I’ve reached out to my sister I’ve been estranged from for years. It doesn’t matter what’s going on now, or what went on in the past, it’s our love that’s important. I do love her no matter what and that is s what you reminded me of. I’m so glad I found your site. Thank you!

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