The importance of attitude

j0433335“What you think you become.”
– Buddha



I once challenged my daughter with this question: why do some people seem happy all the time while others are always so grumpy?

She correctly identified the one key difference in some people: their attitude.

Everyone faces challenges, even people who live a seemingly charmed life. Often, our success is not determined by the challenge itself but how we react to it.

Some people let simple annoyances bother them to no end. Other people face daunting challenges yet always seem in a good mood. We frequently hear of people battling a life-threatening illness do so with a positive attitude, and many such patients credit it with helping them win the battle. Imagine how powerful a good attitude can be in overcoming life’s simpler problems.

Having the right attitude in almost every situation can make a huge difference in anyone’s life.

I often remind my daughter: don’t underestimate the importance of your attitude.


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