Love might be right in front of you


Love is friendship that has caught fire.”
– Jeremy Taylor

Popular culture often romanticizes falling in love. The fantasy is that you see a stranger across a crowded room, flash a smile, and know instantly in your heart that you’ve found the love of your life.

Does love at first sight really happen? Perhaps. Yet it is not the only – or most likely – scenario for meeting a special partner. People who expect an instantaneous romantic connection often are disappointed when it doesn’t happen.

Sometimes, love is not a lightning bolt; it’s more like the rising sun. At first you don’t see it, but slowly it emerges, warm and full of light. Such an experience often happens between friends or with someone you take the time to get to know. You enjoy spending time together, comfortable and without expectation. You have fun, share common values and goals, and naturally treat each other with kindness and respect. It builds over time until the truth is shining before you. Relationships built on such a foundation often are truly special.

The world is full of people who have unknowingly dismissed deep and long-lasting magic with someone already in their life because they are waiting on a lightning bolt from someone new.

Maybe love is closer than you think.


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I live in Jacksonville, Florida and enjoy my work as a marketing and public relations professional.

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