Will you choose the window or the mirror?

WindowIt is amazing what you can accomplish if you do not care who gets the credit.

– Harry S. Truman




In his book Good to Great, author Jim Collins outlines what he calls the Window and the Mirror model of leadership.

To paraphrase, Collins says that when something positive happens in your life, envision a window so you can look out and acknowledge the people who contributed to your success. When things don’t go well, envision a mirror and seek to reflect on what you could have done differently.

While Collins’s intended audience is business professionals, his philosophy can apply to anyone. Sharing credit for your successes – particularly in a team setting – and taking responsibility for your failures is a sign of maturity and the mark of a leader.

The next time you evaluate a life experience, think carefully when choosing to use the window or the mirror.


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I live in Jacksonville, Florida and enjoy my work as a marketing and public relations professional.

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